Friday, May 8, 2015


So, this is the first is a series of posts that is going to prepare you all for my appearence at Denver Comic Con this year.  As you all know, I am the featured artist this year.  That means I got to do the badge art, I helped design and create Captain Colorado (whom you see above), and I have been doing a TON of last minute artwork for the convention.  Over the next two weeks leading up to the convention, I am going to be showing off my work that you can find around the convention hall this year.

First up is the Captain Colorado Poster and program cover.  This is the new Denver Comic Con mascot.  You can find the program cover at Opening Ceremonies, and at the front door, and you can find the poster (which will be $5) at the Denver Comic Con merchandise booth, or at my table, which is in Merchant Mesa Booth 324.

Finally, I am opening up a commission list for the weekend.  You can email me at if you would like a commission and pick it up at the convention.  You can look at my commissions page for pricing.  OR I am doing 11x17 or 8.5x11 inch watercolor pre-orders for an additional $20 over the color prices on the commissions page.

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