Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions

Not long ago a friend of mine, Shawn Harris, approached me with an idea for a Choose the Ending book (like a choose your own adventure, but adult themed). I did a series of illustrations for his book and it released on for the iphone last December (it can be found in the full or lite versions in the itunes store). As of yesterday, IT'S UP ON AMAZON!!!!!!! YAY! Go check it out! here's the link: Beer, Women, and Bad Decisions

Friday, June 25, 2010

Deviant art site up!

Hey all! I am now active again on Deviant Art! My user name on there is Hyprvirus. Go check it out!!

Thursday, June 17, 2010


A pair of images inspired by the Denver news.

for a friend II

Here are a couple more images for purchase.

For a friend

Recently, a friend of mine had a terrible tragedy happen in his life. He is struggling significantly right now personally, and emotionally. I want to help him in anyway I can, and right now the best way I can do that is artistically. The colored images above are for sale for $10 a piece. All the money made off of these prints will go to him so he can deal with his current situation without worrying about money. For payment, follow this link: http://junkyarddogsupport.blogspot.com/ and pay via the paypal link on the website, then let me know via email when you have done so and which print you would like. Thank you all for your support. All images were drawn and inked by me, and they were gorgeously colored by Tony Zollo you can see more of his work at tonyzollo.blogspot.com

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Heroes Con

WHAT A WEEKEND!!! Heroes was amazing! The Heroes Convention team put on a great show and was extremely well organized and everyone I talked to loved it! I had a great time talking with other artist and publishers and dropping off my mini comics on anyone who would take one! It was a great convention for connections and getting re-involved (yes that's a word...not really) with the comic community. Thank you everyone who stopped by the table, bought a print, or was willing to hear me talk about their work! THANKS AGAIN!...more art coming soon!