Saturday, June 21, 2014

Denver Comic Con Review and Freddy Horse!

Well, so Denver Comic Con this year was a HUGE success!!!  The Magicians Must Die booth was busy all weekend and I, personally, didn't get a break on Saturday until almost 3:00pm.  I was doing a good amount of commissions, signing a LOT of Magicians Must Die, and did a good amount of sketch covers for Issue #1.  It was AMAZING!  I LOVED IT!
The image above is the pair image for Jason Bear.  I did 25 prints of each, I am keeping one of each for myself, I gave one of each to the LaGreca brothers, of H2Awesome and Rock Comic Con, and only have 5 of the Freddy Horse print left.  They were both HUGE successes!  Thank you to all the Denver natives and horror fans for enjoying the prints!