Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sketch Covers

Here are some sketch covers I drew over the weekend at Fort Collins Comic Con.  They were something to kill the time, but I wanted to get something bright and pretty out.  I put these out on the table, and online, and sold two.  The Spider-Gwen and the Infinity Gauntlet are both sold, but the other three are available.  If you are interested, contact me for a price!  Thanks!  I have a TON of other covers as well.  If you want a sketch cover of a particular character, I can see about finding a sketch cover for that character, or if I have one, I'll draw it on there.  Let me know!  


Friday, August 26, 2016


Well, it's here and I can start talking about it, releasing it, sending sample copies, etc...  
BRODERICK: Broderick is the story of the muscle from a 1940s Chicago organized crime syndicate that got too violent.  So they decided to "take care of him" using the nuclear testing in New Mexico...but it doesn't.  So he returns to Chicago to "take care" of the family that tried to "take care of him."

The story is written by Ron Bryce.  He is the author of Thirty Days from Sunday, an Amazon CreateSpace published book that is AMAZING!  This is our second comic collaboration.  The first collaboration is a long lost book called The Prophecy.  It was printed in a series of comics by the now defunct Panther Comics (don't find it, it will only embarrass us...but if you do, LET US KNOW!!)

I am personally VERY proud of this book.  The story is stellar, Ron KILLED IT on this book.  I think I found a happy place for my art and my storytelling and I can not thank Ian Brill enough for his quick and extremely effective edits on this book.  THANK YOU, IAN!!!

Anyway, this will be debuting officially at Fort Collins Comic Con this weekend!  COME SEE US!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Work and a new interview

I have had the pleasure of working with my surrogate brother on a new comic book series.  This is the fourth page of our preview that will be debuting at Fort Collins Comic Con next in two weeks!  We will have the preview available for $1 at our booth!  COME SEE US!!!

Also, it's amazing to be blocked into a space with the New Power Rangers Movie, a Star Wars article, a trailer for a fan-made Firefly cartoon and photos of the new Pennywise from Stephen King's It.  Ron Marz and I talked about Magicians Must Die and he posted our conversation on Comic Book Resources!  THANK YOU, RON!

And thank you for taking a look at my art page!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Denver Comic Con and Pride Month

So, Denver Comic Con is uniting with Denver Pride.  And in the wake of the shootings over the weekend, I wanted to get something put together as an exclusive print for this weekend, but ran out of time.  I will have this print available at my booth this weekend.  It's Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy celebrating their relationship.  Come see me at booth 217 to pick one up!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hard Rock Cafe and Denver Comic Con

TWO POSTS IN ONE DAY?!  I got approval to share this today, so here it is.  I am doing the official Denver Comic Con Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt for this year's Denver Comic Con.  This image is going to be on the back of the Colorado Hard Rock shirts and available ONLY at Denver Comic Con this year.  I will be at the Hard Rock booth for about an hour each day, so come see me and get a shirt signed!  If you get the shirt, but don't see me at their booth, come see me at Booth 217!  I will have a full schedule of my weekend available when it's finalized!

Actuated Puzzle Box

This is the final piece in my Colorado Horror Statue series for this year.  Denver Comic Con is upon us and I need to focus on preparing my booth.  So, here it is, the actuated stairs that are in the Alameda Public Art District here in Denver.  I will have four of these this year with more to come in future years.  Come see me at booth 217 to pick yours up this weekend!

Friday, June 10, 2016


As the main event of the year: Denver Comic Con, approaches.  I have been receiving a TON of requests for illustrations.  Which has been great, but it's hurting my personal production a bit.  That's OK, because I'm getting paid. This is an illustration for an ad that will be appearing in the Westword next week.  I can't wait to see the finished product and I'll post it when it is printed.  ENJOY!!! and see you next week at Denver Comic Con booth 217!!

Friday, June 3, 2016

The Dancers and Denver Comic COn

I am adding to my Colorado Horror Statue series (because now it's a series).  These are the dancers outside the Denver Center for Performing Arts.  They have been re-imagined as Ghost Face from Scream and Slender Man.  This will be available at Denver Comic Con this year, as well as reprints of Freddy Horse and Jason Bear from 2014, and hopefully one more Colorado Horror Statue...if I can get it finished.  I hope you enjoy this!  See you at Denver Comic Con BOOTH 217!!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Magicians Must Die #5: THE FINAL ISSUE!

Let me tell you about one of the best projects I have been able to work on:  Magicians Must Die.  For those of you, that have followed this amazing journey, please take a minute to head to World Card Experts' store and pick up this amazing final issue.  For those of you new to Magicians Must Die, it is a world where Magicians are bored performing for others.  They kidnap others and put them in the illusions they create to see if they CAN escape.  If they don't, the magicians get an entertaining evening of death.  The story follows a card master and his sister that were kidnapped by the Magicians and taught the ways of their illusions.  There is plenty of action, a great world building introduction, and some great creatures and characters.  Please pick up your copy, or your set, of Magicians Must Die, today!  We will also have the entire run available at Denver Comic Con June 17-19, at Booth 215 and 217!!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Denver Comic Con 2016

So, I will be at booth 217 this year for Denver Comic Con.  I will be sitting next to World Card Experts and Magicians Must Die!   We have the last issue of Magicians Must Die available and will probably have a set available as well.
Above you see the cover for Denver Comic Con and Pop Culture Classroom's 2015 annual report and it will be in the Souvenir book for this year's show.  COME SEE ME AND GET THE PAGES SIGNED!!  I will also have posters of the cover.

Monday, April 25, 2016


It has been a while since I've posted anything up here.  The biggest reason for this...EVERYTHING I AM WORKING ON has an NDA.  Oh well, what I did find though, is a link to a video from a comic anthology where I had a story published 5 years ago.  Just wanted to let you see it, oh! and my work is featured in the video! Check it out.  And stay tuned.  I'll have some work up here soon!  PROMISE!!!

Monday, February 8, 2016


So, I repurposed this drawing from the World Series drawing series I completed and made it for the Superbowl.  It was just TOO perfect.  I am hoping to have some of these at the Broncos rally tomorrow to give away.  PM me on Facebook or Twitter to find me if you want one.