Friday, August 26, 2016


Well, it's here and I can start talking about it, releasing it, sending sample copies, etc...  
BRODERICK: Broderick is the story of the muscle from a 1940s Chicago organized crime syndicate that got too violent.  So they decided to "take care of him" using the nuclear testing in New Mexico...but it doesn't.  So he returns to Chicago to "take care" of the family that tried to "take care of him."

The story is written by Ron Bryce.  He is the author of Thirty Days from Sunday, an Amazon CreateSpace published book that is AMAZING!  This is our second comic collaboration.  The first collaboration is a long lost book called The Prophecy.  It was printed in a series of comics by the now defunct Panther Comics (don't find it, it will only embarrass us...but if you do, LET US KNOW!!)

I am personally VERY proud of this book.  The story is stellar, Ron KILLED IT on this book.  I think I found a happy place for my art and my storytelling and I can not thank Ian Brill enough for his quick and extremely effective edits on this book.  THANK YOU, IAN!!!

Anyway, this will be debuting officially at Fort Collins Comic Con this weekend!  COME SEE US!!!

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