Thursday, June 28, 2012

ThunderCats, ThunderCats, ThunderCats...HO!

YAY! MORE INKS!  This is a pin up that may be turned into a print by Jason Sobol.  Jason is one the more talented artists I've seen in the Denver area and was gracious enough to allow me the opportunity to ink some of his least give it a shot.  He is very particular about his inkers and when I asked to try he was skeptical...then he saw my Red Zombie work...suddenly he was less skeptical.  Thanks for the opportunity Jason!

Friday, June 22, 2012


I Am a Super did an interview with me about,!  They talked to me about my current work, hopeful work, and more.  Right now I am on their front page.  check it out here: Jay's interview

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Denver Comic Con and updates GALORE!

Alright!  So finally, here comes an update...  Denver Comic Con was AMAZING!  The inaugural convention had more attendees than any other convention of it's NY's Comic Con.  Not a bad showing.  Wil Wheaton, who had to cancel this year, and Stan Lee are already committed to next year's convention!   
The pictures above are the sketches I did over the weekend.  I had a GREAT convention.  The little pictures the people are holding above I am calling "postage stamps."  They are one inch by one and a half inches.  I sold about 8 or so, but forgot to get pictures of them all.  The marker sketch above is on an Oldsmobile Solera or Aurora...not sure which.  Nevertheless, all the artists in artist's alley did a sketch and they are auctioning off the vehicle for Comic Book Classroom.  If I hear where and when I'll let you know, but for now look for it driving around Denver.  
Finally, we got a lot of great responses from An American Apocalypse: The Reckoning from convention goers.  If you are interested in backing the project click here:  An American Apocalypse: The Reckoning
We are still looking for a LOT of help with the project, so please tell all your friends, family, acquaintances, etc...THANKS!  Look for more art soon.  I have about three inking offers from the convention and am working on all of them as we speak.  Keep your fingers crossed that they actually turn into jobs!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Westword and Comic Con

This is going to be a flyer in Westword.  It's an advertisement for the Diamond Cabaret and Steakhouse in Downtown Denver.  For those of you that don't know what the Diamond Cabaret is, it's a gentleman's club in downtown Denver.  If you bring me a copy of the Westword with this image at the Convention this weekend, I'd be happy to sign it and give you a free sketch card.  I'll be at table 36 in Artist's Alley.

Flyer for Denver Comic Con and an UPDATE

Man, there's a lot going on these days.  The preparation for this next weekend's comic con in Denver is starting to take it's toll...I am TIRED.
Anyway, I have finished the preparations for both the literary conference and the comic con.  I finally feel like I am ready to participate in both.  My schedule for the conference and convention is as follows:
Thursday at 8am in Agate B I'll be on the Comics Potpourri discussing my MFA thesis
Friday at 2:15pm in Capital 1 I'll be on a panel discussing the cross disciplinary capability of comics
For the Convention I'll be at table 36 in Artist's Alley.
I am on the Local Comic Artist's Spotlight at 10:30am Saturday(place TBD)
I am doing the Draw-off Event at 4pm Saturday (place TBD)
I am also doing a Educating with Comics panel at 11am Sunday (place TBD)

Saturday, June 9, 2012


First off the title of the campaign is:  An American Apocalypse: The Reckoning.  Second, we've put An American Apocalypse on Kickstarter.  We haven't heard much from the publishers we have pitched, so we got impatient and started our own campaign to fund this project.  Check it out and please help!  An American Apocalypse: The Reckoning
And if you have any suggestions for rewards...please let me know!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Final Inks for Red Zombie

This is the last of my five pages for the Denver Comic Convention portfolio.  Nate Hamel was nice enough to give me this chance...AND, I get to do the rest of the story!  How cool is that?!  VERY!

This is the first page of the story.