Monday, June 11, 2012

Flyer for Denver Comic Con and an UPDATE

Man, there's a lot going on these days.  The preparation for this next weekend's comic con in Denver is starting to take it's toll...I am TIRED.
Anyway, I have finished the preparations for both the literary conference and the comic con.  I finally feel like I am ready to participate in both.  My schedule for the conference and convention is as follows:
Thursday at 8am in Agate B I'll be on the Comics Potpourri discussing my MFA thesis
Friday at 2:15pm in Capital 1 I'll be on a panel discussing the cross disciplinary capability of comics
For the Convention I'll be at table 36 in Artist's Alley.
I am on the Local Comic Artist's Spotlight at 10:30am Saturday(place TBD)
I am doing the Draw-off Event at 4pm Saturday (place TBD)
I am also doing a Educating with Comics panel at 11am Sunday (place TBD)

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