Monday, September 5, 2016

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Beginning to End Part 4: Pencils

The pencils.  Nothing really spectacular here.  For a cover, I will draw this at print size.  This is on a sheet of regular Office Depot printer paper.   I like to work at this size because it doesn't allow me to cause my people to lean, or get out of proportion TOO badly.  I find the smaller I work on my initial sketches of people, the better I do with the overall body proportions.  As I get larger in my picture plane, I tend to make the major masses the incorrect proportions.

After I finish the pencils to this level, I will scan them and blow them up to 11"x17" and print them out on my semi-smooth Bristol in a 16% Cyan for a "blueline" print to ink over.

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