Friday, May 15, 2015

Brothers in Arms! Denver Comic Con Badges Day 5

Something I did NOT know until working on these badges...Battlestar Galactica was a "parody" of sorts to Star Wars.  And the Cylons were the Storm Troopers of that world.  So, here we are with a Storm Trooper and a Cylon.  I am a fan of this badge.  It's the only one with a word balloon, and, I believe it really helps make the point of the two franchises without directly saying anything.  This is the VIP pass for this year's con, so all you special people out there get a Storm Trooper bothering a Cylon. 

The artwork was done solely by me (concept to completion).  I want to extend an invitation to the all the attendees to come visit me at booth 324 in merchant's mesa and get your badge signed.  I will have the original ink drawing of this badge framed and available that weekend with a one or eight hand printed and signed metal prints of the final image.  I will also have metal hand printed metal badges (eight total).  I will have 44 postcard size "polaroids" available (see my twitter feed @jpeteranetz for more on those).  And I will have trading card size images of each in packs of 5.  There will be special chase cards printed on silver, gold, and (if it works out) black foil card stock, and I will have sketch cards randomly inserted.

I look forward to seeing you all at Denver Comic Con Booth 324! May 23-25!!
I will be posting one design daily from now until Denver Comic Con.  And they will post as I see them available online.

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