Friday, April 10, 2015

Hellboy: Inks!

So, I inked my Hellboy pencils.  I think this came out pretty well.  I am a fan of a LOT of what I have going on here.  I really like the monster emerging from the darkness of the cabinet.   I like the panel where Liz is lighting that monster on fire and Hellboy is reaching for the syrup.  I LOVE the last panel.  I think the overall set up of the first three panels works well, too.  

If I would change one thing, I would close the top panel and open the last one.  The change of envrionment from one room to the next in the last panel needs to show itself visually as a different space.  I think it's semi-succesful with the cleanliness of the room compared to the kitchen.  Had I opened and made that panel bleed then closed the top panel.  The first environment would be closed panels and the new one would be a large open panel.  I think that would have worked better, thoughts?

1 comment:

  1. I agree with your comment on opening the last panel and closing the top. But don't sweat it! I didn't really have trouble understanding that the panel changed from kitchen to some kind of dining room. Really awesome inks as well!