Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Magicians Must Die #5: THE FINAL ISSUE!

Let me tell you about one of the best projects I have been able to work on:  Magicians Must Die.  For those of you, that have followed this amazing journey, please take a minute to head to World Card Experts' store and pick up this amazing final issue.  For those of you new to Magicians Must Die, it is a world where Magicians are bored performing for others.  They kidnap others and put them in the illusions they create to see if they CAN escape.  If they don't, the magicians get an entertaining evening of death.  The story follows a card master and his sister that were kidnapped by the Magicians and taught the ways of their illusions.  There is plenty of action, a great world building introduction, and some great creatures and characters.  Please pick up your copy, or your set, of Magicians Must Die, today!  We will also have the entire run available at Denver Comic Con June 17-19, at Booth 215 and 217!!

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