Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Book Cover and MORE!

Talk about some work....I have been pretty busy getting a lot of small little art jobs as of late.  It's been fun, but with the impending birth of my first son, it's been a little stressful.  I finished the book cover for Thirty Days From Sunday by my brother Ronald Bryce (see image above)..  I am truly looking forward to this book.  It's Ron's debut novel, and it's going to release via Create Space on Amazon.  I will have more information when it comes available. 
I will also have a couple of illustrations included in a new anthology of stories called Scraping the Red Sky.  I will have more information available on that when I know more too.  I am also doing some comic pages, and illustrations for a pulp magazine.  More info on that when it's available as well.  For now, enjoy the Book cover, and come see me at Mile High Horror Film Festival at the Alamo Pubhouse in Englewood, CO, October 9-12!

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