Friday, March 14, 2014

Strange Aeons Cover...IT'S OFFICIAL! And...a crazy plan for MMD and Big Bang Theory that NEEDS YOUR HELP!!

Check it out.  This is the official cover for Strange Aeons Magazine Issue #14.  I got to draw the cover and there is a feature article about Magicians Must Die with a short interview with both De'vo and I.  Please pick it up!  It will be available on the Strange Aeons Website, and at retailers around the Northwest USA.  

Also, on another note...I had this crazy idea.  I would love to get Magicians Must Die onto Big Bang Theory.  I think it's possible, I even have a plot for the episode.  To get this done, we need to do a LOT of social media work for this, so here's the plan:
If you are on twitter: retweet everything I talk about with Magicians Must Die or @MagiciansMustD in the tweet and tweet it to @BigBang_CBS.  
If you are on Facebook: Share everything about Magicians Must Die on your timeline, and Like everything about it on my timeline.  
If you are on google+: +1 Everything about it.


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