Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Guess who's back, back again....

It's been a while...I think over a month.  Let's update you.  First off, I had an AMAZING time at Denver Comic Con this year.  We did a lot of stuff, had a lot of fun, did a few on geeky faucets, one for Rino District Radio, and one for MTV Geek (still haven't seen this one online yet, and we may not....).  I finished my first quarter teaching at the Art Institute in Denver, and had LOTS of fun doing that.  I have three classes next quarter.  I also moved to Thornton, CO from Frederick, CO.  Only about 15 miles closer to Denver, but a world away.  Anyway, I am working on some random images and back to another issue of Magicians Must Die.  You'll see that in October!

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