Friday, August 10, 2012

MMD Process (teaser 2)

This is another scene from the MMD comic I am working on.  I really liked the depth and composition I was getting with this piece, so I thought I'd show it.  I am in the middle stage of the inking on this panel and I thought I'd show some process and put this up again when I finish it.  It will have a good amount of black in it, and some serious blood splatter!  Fun!
For this project I am using a pentel stylo pen that mimics a nib, but you don't have to keep dipping into an ink well.  I don't like it as much as a nib, but it's giving my line work a good consistency, and allowing me to play with black and white shape to create eye movement and depth.  That is something Mignola does VERY well with his Hellboy work.  Enjoy!

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