Monday, May 23, 2011

Superhero Sanitarium




Final Image

A commission based upon a play called The Superhero Sanitarium. All the characters and in an insane asylum and may or may not have powers. That is revealed at the end of the show. All these characters are based of the kids that played them in the play in Fayetteville, GA last fall. This also shows the process I go through when doing my comic work. I start with a little thumbnail (about 1/4 sheet of paper). Then I'll scan and print that at 11"x17" and do some tight-ish pencils. I'll then ink that and scan it back in. All my coloring happens in photoshop using color fills. I like this option because it's easy to edit a mood and feel simply by changing a color fill layer. Then into illustrator to add the vector text and saved as a .pdf from there. Enjoy!

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