Thursday, May 9, 2019

Website update! And new URL

Good Afternoon all!  This website has fallen by the way side because I have been working on a more professional portfolio!  Follow the link below to see the new site:

Jay Peteranetz Portfolio

Thursday, February 1, 2018

HOLY POO! A new post!

Wow, a new update...finally!  So, I have been working VERY hard on my Kickstarter comic, Broderick.  This opportunity came up RIGHT in the middle of me working to complete the Broderick book.  This project was one of those "can't pass it up" opportunities.  I did 30 sketch cards for the Marvel Premier 2017 trading card sets.  Only 3 of the 60 (because I had to do both sides) of the drawings were rejected...those are the white spaces you see (Sorry I can't show those...and two of them were my favorites)...oh well.  Anyway, enjoy these and Broderick is COMING SOON!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Action Lab Dog of Wonder 6

This was a fun cover!  This is the alternate cover to Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Number 6.  It is an homage to the cover done by the highly talented and extremely professional Kevin MaGuire who has been a staple in the comic industry for nearly 30 years!  If only I can have a career as long and successful as can hope right?  I want to thank Action Lab Comics, Bryan Seaton, Nicole D'Andria, Scott Fogg, Vito Delsante, and Reilly Leeds for letting me have some fun on these covers! Regardless, you can order this book, along with the standard cover to your local comic store by following these Links and giving the code to your favorite comic book store:

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Action Lab Dog of Wonder 5

Man, it has been a while.  I was reminded today that I should update this blog.  What reminded me you might ask?  Well, it was the solicitation for the final cover of Action Lab: Dog of Wonder I had the pleasure of drawing.  Then, when looking here, I realized I didn't post this one!  This is the alternate cover to issue 5 of the series.  The interior art is done by the talented Reilly Leeds, and the writers are Scott Fogg and Vito Delasante, two of the best gentlemen I have had the pleasure of working with.

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Doll Face

This is Doll Face, the next character from the mind of Action Lab and Dan Mendoza.  The Kickstarter was EXTREMELY successful.  This is part of the same universe as Action Lab Danger Zone's Zombie Tramp and Vampblade.  
This is traditional ink and brush (Raphael 8404 Size 1) and Watercolor.

Monday, September 5, 2016

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Beginning to End Part 4: Pencils

The pencils.  Nothing really spectacular here.  For a cover, I will draw this at print size.  This is on a sheet of regular Office Depot printer paper.   I like to work at this size because it doesn't allow me to cause my people to lean, or get out of proportion TOO badly.  I find the smaller I work on my initial sketches of people, the better I do with the overall body proportions.  As I get larger in my picture plane, I tend to make the major masses the incorrect proportions.

After I finish the pencils to this level, I will scan them and blow them up to 11"x17" and print them out on my semi-smooth Bristol in a 16% Cyan for a "blueline" print to ink over.

Saturday, September 3, 2016

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Beginning to End Part 3: Inks

Here it is, part 3 in the process of creating the cover for Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4's cover(part 1 and part 2 are linked here and here).
These are the inks.  The process I go through when inking is pretty typical it seems according to what I know of how others work.
I work on Strathmore 500 series semi-smooth Bristol paper.  This paper allows me to both use a nib pen and a brush without bleeding off of either, and it holds a line very nicely.  As far as inking goes I use a Sumi ink.  It is a VERY dark ink but stays nice and thin through a nib so it won't clog it.  I use a Windsor and Newton Series 7 Kolinsky Hair sable brush and/or a Raphael 8404 Kolinsky hair sable brush.  I usually use a size 1, but a W&N is a little larger, so I kick up to a size 2 on the Raphael...sometimes.
Anyway, please go to your local comic shop and order this for me!  I would be ever so grateful.  There are only 1,500 copies of my cover, LET'S SELL IT OUT!!!

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Beginning to End Part 2

So this is a continuation of this post:  These are the fully rendered colors for AL: DOW Issue 4's cover.  This is the final file that was sent to Action Lab Entertainment for production.  They then had their logo for the book put over the blank area at the top.  When composing and rendering this image, I imagined a porch and the shadow form the porch falling on the house as you see it.  I wasn't sure exactly how the logo would sit, so I wanted to make sure I left that space with dark and fairly flat colors so the logo would pop off that area.

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Beginning to End Part 1

So, I am excited!  I have my VERY first comic solicited in Previews.  THE catalog that comic retailers use to order their comics.  You can follow this link to get the catalog number for my cover: Action Lab: Dog of Wonder Issue 4 Cover B.   This cover is limited to only 1,500 copies!!!! Go to your Local Comic Retailer and ask them to specifically order this cover as well!!  The interiors and Cover A are done by the immensely talented Reilly Leeds.  She is a student of mine at the Art Institute of Colorado and an extremely impressive storyteller.  

Stay tuned here for the next couple of days.  I will be showing my process from Thumbnail to final for this cover!

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Sketch Covers

Here are some sketch covers I drew over the weekend at Fort Collins Comic Con.  They were something to kill the time, but I wanted to get something bright and pretty out.  I put these out on the table, and online, and sold two.  The Spider-Gwen and the Infinity Gauntlet are both sold, but the other three are available.  If you are interested, contact me for a price!  Thanks!  I have a TON of other covers as well.  If you want a sketch cover of a particular character, I can see about finding a sketch cover for that character, or if I have one, I'll draw it on there.  Let me know!  


Friday, August 26, 2016


Well, it's here and I can start talking about it, releasing it, sending sample copies, etc...  
BRODERICK: Broderick is the story of the muscle from a 1940s Chicago organized crime syndicate that got too violent.  So they decided to "take care of him" using the nuclear testing in New Mexico...but it doesn't.  So he returns to Chicago to "take care" of the family that tried to "take care of him."

The story is written by Ron Bryce.  He is the author of Thirty Days from Sunday, an Amazon CreateSpace published book that is AMAZING!  This is our second comic collaboration.  The first collaboration is a long lost book called The Prophecy.  It was printed in a series of comics by the now defunct Panther Comics (don't find it, it will only embarrass us...but if you do, LET US KNOW!!)

I am personally VERY proud of this book.  The story is stellar, Ron KILLED IT on this book.  I think I found a happy place for my art and my storytelling and I can not thank Ian Brill enough for his quick and extremely effective edits on this book.  THANK YOU, IAN!!!

Anyway, this will be debuting officially at Fort Collins Comic Con this weekend!  COME SEE US!!!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

New Work and a new interview

I have had the pleasure of working with my surrogate brother on a new comic book series.  This is the fourth page of our preview that will be debuting at Fort Collins Comic Con next in two weeks!  We will have the preview available for $1 at our booth!  COME SEE US!!!

Also, it's amazing to be blocked into a space with the New Power Rangers Movie, a Star Wars article, a trailer for a fan-made Firefly cartoon and photos of the new Pennywise from Stephen King's It.  Ron Marz and I talked about Magicians Must Die and he posted our conversation on Comic Book Resources!  THANK YOU, RON!

And thank you for taking a look at my art page!